Who can use it?

The following self-assessment can be used to estimate where an organization/institution stands with regard to institutional child protection. First and foremost, it serves to provide information and orientation for organizations/institutions and the relevant stakeholders and decision-makers who are active there.

What is the benefit?

  • Participants receive assistance in estimating the current implementation status of a child protection system.
  • The self-assessment serves as a point of departure for (further) development of child protection policies.
  • The questions it contains serve to represent the individual target areas and indicators of a child protection system.

The self-assessment instrument developed here accounts for the needs and structures of a broad range of organizations and institutions, from small to large, and in areas such as school, sport, church, leisure, development collaboration, etc. It may be relevant for organizations which work directly and in an educational context with children and youth, as well as for organizations which only do so indirectly, but which nevertheless wish to estimate their particular risks and proactively minimize them.